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Illumodine (.5oz)

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Illumodine – The Best Liquid Iodine Supplement

Don’t settle for conventional iodine supplements when you can have the absolute best iodine supplement. Iodine is found in many foods, including fish, milk products, and produce. However, iodine levels do vary depending on the area where the produce is grown.

What this Iodine Solution Can Do for You

Iodine regulates the thyroid, brings balance to  the body and battles fungus, bacteria and microorganisms. It is believed that much of the world may have an iodine deficiency, which is especially alarming because iodine is so important for human development.

New Earth Pharmacy offers an enhanced form of the element with the cutting edge product, Illumodine. Illumodine is 100% absorbable, making it the best way to get iodine into the body. This advanced iodine solution is a tincture that can be taken three times a day around meal times.

Illumodine is a singlet iodine called Illumodine. Illumodine is 2% solution which is 100% absorbable. It is currently the best iodine in the world. According to Dr. Mark Brownstein, MD, it is estimated that >90% of the population is iodine deficient. It is best to start slowly with a goal to saturate the thyroid and rest of the body to iodine sufficiency levels. Iodine has many functions in the body. Iodine not only regulates the thyroid and displaces toxic halogens like bromide, fluoride, and chlorine from the thyroid. Full iodine sufficiency has been shown to increase IQ by up to 13.5 points in a medical analysis from 17 clinical studies. Iodine is a potent killer of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Iodine also regulates estrogen production and is involved with the protection of hormones to stabilize mental health, control weight, and increase our ability to fight infections. Iodine can help with food allergies, by modulating the immune response. It helps protect the body from dangerous radioactive I-131 by competitive inhibition. Dr. Gabriel Cousens believes that it is also very spiritually elevating.

Recommended Usage: According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens: To start, add 1 drop of Illumodine to 4oz of water (1 hour away from food) 3 times per day. Each day add 1 drop until you reach 15 drops, 3 times per day (1 hour away from food). It takes about 3-4 months at 15 drops, 3 times daily, to reach full iodine sufficiency. After 4 months, slowly reduce dosage back to 5 drops, 3 times per day. Continue maintenance dose daily. Please take Illumodine at least 15 minutes before or 1 hour after food.

Ingredients: 200 proof, non-GMO grain alcohol, singlet iodine atoms.  400mcg/drop

Specifications: Raw, Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free

Contents: ½ oz glass amber bottle

Storage: Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.