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Food Intolerance Evaluation + Consultation

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The food intolerance method of testing, is not a standard diagnostic test. We do not use this test to diagnose disease. We use it to help us understand the digestive and metabolic capacity of a patient’s body. The Food Intolerance test is different from allergy tests that are used to determine which foods or substances may be overwhelming the immune system at a particular moment in time. 

The Food evaluation test determines an innate imbalance in the genetic predisposition to digest particular foods or food groups. These results appear to be lifelong. Food intolerance is unchanging and needs to be determined only once.

Such foods become a source of dysbiosis, leading to maldigestion, intestinal toxemia, and chronic irritation of the body tissues. This resultant toxemia is the basis of all disease processes in the body, in accord with nature cure philosophy and principles of healing.

We have used this method of testing in the clinic since 2017 and have found it to be of tremendous benefit for many people. I get this information on ALL of my patients. It’s essential for me to know this when addressing the ROOT causes of imbalance. 

Your purchase includes:

1. Food Intolerance Test Kit & Supplies (will be shipped to you)

2. 30 minute consultation with a doctor to review your results (*NOTE: Final results usually take 2-4 weeks). We will set up your consultation time as soon as we receive your final results.

3. Ongoing email support x 1 year

4. VERY IMPT: Include in NOTES section during your purchase:


Date of Birth,


Blood Transfusion (Yes/No)

(*NOTE: Final results usually take 2-4 weeks)