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Homeopathic 100 remedy Kit

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Homeopathic Master Kit

Introducing the Homeopathic Master Kit – your comprehensive solution for natural health and wellness at home. This kit is a treasure trove of 100 meticulously selected multi-potency homeopathic remedies, making it an invaluable asset for families, professionals, and anyone seeking accessible and effective homeopathy.

Dr. Jennifer Tice has been in practice for nearly 20 years and has hand designed what homeopathics are most likely to be needed at home and which ones are best to have 2 in potencies.



  • 100 Remedy Multi Potency Kit: Our kit contains a diverse selection of 100 homeopathic remedies, carefully chosen to cover a wide range of common ailments and health concerns.
  • Suitable for All: Whether you're a health-conscious family, a wellness professional, or an individual dedicated to holistic health, this kit offers something for everyone. It's a holistic healthcare solution at your fingertips.
  • Convenient Storage Case: The remedies are neatly organized in an easy-to-store, compact storage case. This ensures that your remedies are well-protected, easily accessible, and ready for use whenever needed.
  • Key Note Booklet: Each kit includes a keynote booklet that provides keynotes and most likely uses and information about every remedy included in this kit. This booklet acts as a valuable guide, offering insights into the uses, benefits, and application of each remedy.
  • First Aid Booklet: In addition to the keynote booklet, we've included a specialized First Aid booklet created by Dr. Jennifer Tice. This resource equips you with quick and practical guidance on how to effectively use homeopathy for addressing common first aid situations and emergencies.


  • Empowerment: Take control of your health by harnessing the power of homeopathy from the comfort of your home.
  • Holistic Wellness: Experience the holistic benefits of natural remedies that promote overall well-being.
  • Knowledge: Gain a deeper understanding of homeopathic remedies through the informative booklets.
  • Versatility: Address a wide range of health issues, from minor discomforts to more complex concerns.
  • Accessibility: With all the essentials in one compact kit, you'll always be prepared to support your health and that of your loved ones.
  • Prepared: Originally designed for our patients and concierge services, this is a must have for series patients who want to use our services when they are needed. When you have a homeopathic kit there is not many places in the world where we cant connect and implement a plan immediately. 

Whether you're looking to enhance your family's well-being, integrate homeopathy into your professional practice, or simply have a reliable resource for natural healthcare, the Homeopathic Master Kit is your ultimate solution. Experience the power of holistic healing with this comprehensive kit that brings the wisdom of homeopathy to your fingertips.

CONTENTS: 100 Homeopathic Remedies in 1/2 dram vials. 

Aconite 30c, Aconite 200c, Allium Cepa 200c, Aloe 200c, Ant Tart 200c, Apis 30c, Apis 200c, Arnica 30, Arnica 200c, Arsenicum 30c, Arsenicum 200c, Aurum 200c, Baptisia 30c, Baptisia 200c,Belladonna 30c, Belladonna 200c, Bellis P. 200c, Berberis 200c,  Bryonia 30c, Bryonia 200c,Cactus 200c, Calc Carb 30c, Calc Carb 200c, Calc Phos 200c, Calendula 200c, Cantharis 30c, Cantharis 200c, Carbo Veg 30c, Carbo Veg 200c, Caulophyllum 200c, Causticum 30c, Causticum 200c, Chamomilla 30c, Chamomilla 200c, China 200c, Cimicifuga 200c, Cina 200c, Cocculus 200c, Coffea  200c, Colocynthis 200c, Colchicum 200c,  Crotalus 200c, Drosera 30c, Drosera 200c, Dulcamara 200c, Euphrasia 200c, Ferrum Phos 200c, Gelsenium 200c, Graphites 200c, Hamamelis 200c, Hepar Sulph 200c, Hydrastis 200c, Hypericum 30, Hypericum 200c, Ignatia 30c, Ignatia 200c,  Ipecac 30, Ipecac 200c, Kali Bi 30, Kali Bi 200c,  Kali Carb 200c, Kali Phos 200c, Lac Can. 200c, Lachesis 30, Lachesis 200c, Ledum 200c, Lycopodium 30, Lycopodium 200c, Mag Phos 200c, Mercurius S.200c, Mezereum 200c, Nat Mur 200c, Nat Sulph 200c, Nux Vomica 30 Nux Vomica 200c, Phosphorus 30, Phosphorus200c,  Phytolacca 200c, Pulsatilla 30, Pulsatilla 200c,Rhus Tox 30, Rhus Tox 200c, Rumex 30, Rumex 200c, Ruta 200c,  Sabina 200c, Sanguinaria 200c, Secale 200c, Sepia 200c, Silica 200c, Spongia 200c, Staphsagria 30, Staphsagria 200c, Stramonium 200c, Sulphur 30, Sulphur 200c, Symphytum 200c,Tabacum 200c, Urtica Urens 200c, Veratrum 200c

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. This is for entertainment purposes only. Be sure to consult your medical doctor to think for you.