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2023-24 Homeopathic Cold & Flu Remedy

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Natural cold & flu remedies are an important way to protect yourself. With a natural homeopathic remedy, you can decrease your chances of getting sick this season. If something happens and you do contract the cold or the flu, the remedy will help decrease the severity and help in recovery time.

It’s time to start boosting the immune system and keep your self vibrant and healthy through the fall and winter months! When you are heading into cold & flu season and looking for the perfect solution…this is for everyone who is looking for the safe, gentle, effective alternative.


Based on past years experience, this will help to keep you healthy through the cold & flu season. Most people report that if you do come down with the cold or flu like symptoms, they likely will be milder and shorter in duration. Dosage is 1 vial per person, which is dosed 5 pellets of the vial one time a week for 5 weeks. You can start as soon as you receive it. After you have finished the prophylactic dosing continue to take it 1x/month.  If you are exposed to someone with the cold/flu, a illiness is going around your community, or you start to feel cold/flu symptoms come on dose 3 pellets every 2-4 hours. The sooner you start dosing, the more likely chance it will be shorter in duration and intensity.


-Yes, it is safe and effective for infants, seniors, and people of all ages.

-No, there are no interactions to worry about with any prescription medications or supplements.

-This remedy is different than the over the counter non-specific flu remedies like Oscillinum, which contains several different classical homeopathic remedies that cover general symptoms of the flu or Influenzinum. Our Cold & Flu Remedy is actually made from the actual strain. This gives the best chance of covering what this years strain will be. It eliminates guessing at what the strains will be.


-Great question!! Let me try to explain…are you familiar with homeopathic remedies and how they are made? (That’s a whole discussion perhaps we can do another day). But for now, this cold & flu remedy is prepared according to standard homeopathic preparation methods (serial diluted doses in a very specific manner) using a sample from the tail end of  the previous year’s seasonal cold & flu virus. So, it is very good sample of what will most likely be the predominant strain this season. We do not make this medicine- it’s a very complex and complete science in itself. We get them from the homeopathic pharmacies who make the cold & flu remedy from Europe (where homeopathy is used A LOT). This medicine is then medicated onto the pellets to act as a carrier for the medicine. That’s it. NO other ingredients. NO mercury or other unwanted ingredients that are in the shot. Nothing. Only medicine. It’s a safe, gentle, effective way to care for your family. Hope that helps. Let us know if it’s not clear…this is a whole new way of thinking and a whole new system of medicine. There’s a bit of a learning curve. That’s what we’re here for.


Based on the past 10 years of clinical experience, the homeopathic  cold & flu remedy prevents people from getting the ill.  For those that do, they report that their symptoms were milder and shorter in duration.  Last year, 94% of people who bought the 2022  cold & flu remedy said they plan on reordering this year.

For the past 13 years we have collected testimonials from happy patients and customers.  Most try it for themselves and their immediately family, then end up recommending it to friends and family members.


I have bought this cold & flu remedy for 7 years straight.  I can honestly say I have not had the cold or flu since starting this.  I buy it every year.  -Tami

I am a happy returning customer.  Last year I bought it for my family, 2 adults and 3 kids, and we didn’t get sick.  I am so happy that is available every year.  -Rachel

I bought my husband, myself, and 2 kids the remedy.   My husband was being stubborn and did not take it.  Guess what- he got the flu.  The rest of us were fine. We went to the beach while he was miserable. He swears he will never be stubborn again (right)!  -Maggie

I love this remedy. It works.  -Stephy

This remedy works better than the shot in my opinion.  I am happy to have a safe alternative that actually works.  Happy customer!  -Karen

I take the  cold & flu remedy every year. My mother is in a nursing home and instead of the any shots, I give her this.  She has not had the flu and its a miracle. She is 94 years old and the flu can be very dangerous for her.  Ever since she has taken this, she has not been sick. I choose the homeopathic flu remedy every year for both of us.  -Trisha

I took this remedy for five years straight. Last year I thought I would do without it.  I cant believe it I got so sick with the flu.  I will never do that again.  Follow my advise.  -Tracy

Family of 4 here and we take the flu remedy every year.   This year both my kids got sick but it only lasted for 24 hours!   All their friends were out of school for at least 10 days.   Even though they got sick it was not bad and I know it was because we had the remedy.  Thank you Doctor for the recommendation.  -Dani

4/5 of my family members took the  cold & flu remedy.  1/5 of us got sick.  Guess who it was- the one who didn’t take it. Bummer for them.  Next round we will all take it.   -John

I thought this was a joke when my wife brought this home.   Just another quick sell from the doctor.  She took it, I did not and I had the worse symptoms ever.  That was 2 years ago.  I will never go without it again.   Last year I took it and did not get sick.  Once again my wife was right.  -Tom

My husband, child, and I took the remedy. We did not get the flu this year.   He is in kindergarten and when the flu started going around I dosed him per instructions.  Much to my surprise he never fell ill.  Amazing Results.  A must buy if you have kids.  -Jill

3 words of advise. BUY THIS REMEDY. It works. -Jerry

I took the  cold & flu remedy and my daughter did not.  We were both under stress with a divorce, home change, and bad diet-hence we still go the flu.  I am writing this however because my daughter and I had incredibly different pictures.  My symptoms were mild and lasted only 2 days.   My daughter was out for 1 week and could not get out of bed.   Even though I got the flu it clearly worked to lessen the severity of my symptoms.  I will take this every year.   -Kendall

I have taken the homeopathic remedy for the past 8 years.  I have not had the flu since.  Giving thanks. -Tamara

I take it every year.  I have not had the flu since I have been taking it.  Now I send it to my whole family  every year. You should too!  It really works. -Aaron

All the other kids at school got sick, my kids did not. We get it every year. Thank you so much. We love it.   -Ann

Seriously- This is a must if you want to protect yourself.  I buy it every year.  -Connie

I like this homeopathic remedy because it is from the actual virus strand minus all the nasty ingredients.  I am a happy customer.  -Mike

Two years ago I got flu shot and got sick for 4 weeks.  I thought I was dying.  A friend recommended be going to see these doctors. They got me better quickly using the homeopathic flu remedy and other immune support.  The following year I knew better than to get the shot, so I ordered this flu remedy.  I did not get sick.  It really works.  -Sam

It works. It has every year. I do not go through the fall season without it.  -Jay

I am a nurse and I opt for this flu remedy instead of the vaccine.  I do not get the flu while most of my co-workers (who go the vaccine) do.  It is amazing.   Everywhere I buy at least 5 extra bottles for friends and family who ask about it.  -JoAnn